About DisMarks

The DisMarks Story

DisMarks is a social media website for the Disney space. As members of this space, we've noticed that there are an incredible number of passionate, enthusiastic bloggers and website managers whose work is getting lost among all the noise out there.

Like many other markets, there is a lot of spam and marketing going on that can make it hard to find new, quality content. We created DisMarks to help you find the real Disney fans out there and discover great new podcasts, blogs, websites, and forums.

How to Use DisMarks

There are three ways you can use DisMarks:

  1. Submit a web page or website story that you like by clicking on "Submit DisMarks" at the top of the page and following the directions
  2. Vote for or against submitted web pages or website stories by clicking on the up and down arrows next to the stories
  3. Comment on submitted web pages or website stories by clicking on "add new comment" beneath the headline

For more detailed information check out our getting started guide and our list of frequently asked questions.

Please contact an administrator with any questions or comments!