Disney Blog Carnival #8: August 16th, 2010

Welcome to our eighth installment. If you missed the previous ones you can check them out:

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We're trying a new micro-category format for this edition. We know sometimes some of the posts get lost among all the others so we're trying to put them in small categories so you don't miss any of the great posts. I've also added links ot some relevant DisMarks tags in case you want to find more stories. Let's get started:


Personal Experiences

Two newcomers join us with takes from their personal experience:

Disney Restaurants

Disney Restaurants are always a popular topic:

Taste of Africa Street Party

We had two submissions on the Taste of Africa Street Party, so they get their own category:


We only had one interview, so here it is:

Top Lists



Disney Facts

Product Reviews

Other Reactions


Trip Planning

Planning is always a popular subject:


Resort Food