Inaugural Disney Blog Carnival

Welcome to the first edition of the Disney Blog Carnival. If you're not sure what a blog carnival is you can read this post, but ultimately this is just a collection of great posts about Disney. Thanks to everyone who participated, we were very pleased with the turnout. Many bloggers have contributed to this first edition, so let's get going:


Tips and Trip Planning

Disney History


Trip Reports


Next Edition

We've decided that having the Carnival post on Tuesdays is probably a better day, so we're shooting for submissions for the next edition to be in by April 10 for a post on April 13. Also, the next edition will be hosted on DisMarks, but if you'd like to be considered for the host after that be sure to let us know.

Here's the link to submit to the next edition.

Thanks so much for doing

zanna 4 years 22 weeks 19 hours 35 min ago

Thanks so much for doing this, Jordan! I can't wait to read all the great stories!

Wow. So much effort! I've

MeltdownFreeDisney 4 years 22 weeks 17 hours 35 min ago

Wow. So much effort! I've updated the post, and added you my blog roll. Great turnout.

I've updated my post as well.

tcwmatt 4 years 22 weeks 13 hours 4 min ago

I've updated my post as well. Great blog carnival, Jordan! Love reading all the posts.

Wow, great articles! Can't

DisneyGirlNJ 4 years 22 weeks 12 hours 58 min ago

Wow, great articles! Can't wait to read them all!

Hi Jordan, I'm wondering why

wdwprince 4 years 20 weeks 1 day 6 hours ago

Hi Jordan,
I'm wondering why my link was removed. Any reason in particular?

Glad you stopped by! I'd

Jordan 4 years 18 weeks 5 days 23 hours ago

Glad you stopped by! I'd been sending you mails, but maybe you weren't getting them? You have to link back in the post to stay in the carnival. The pingback doesn't count. If you add the link back we can re-add your post.