Getting Started

Getting started with DisMarks is easy.

First you need to register. You can either click on the Create an account link in the login area, or click on login/register at the top of the page then go to the create account tab.

Enter the information requested, and an e-mail will be sent to confirm your account. Once you're up and ready to go, you can vote and comment on stories that have been submitted by other users.


If you see a story you like, vote for it by clicking on the blue box next to it
that says "Mark it." You can vote on "published" stories or "upcoming" stories. "Published" stories are the most popular stories--they have enough votes to be on the front page. "Upcoming" stories are more recently submitted. Your vote can help get upcoming stories published on the front page page where other DisMarkers will see them first.


If you want to comment on a story that hasn't yet had a comment, click on the green text under the headline that says "Add New Comment". To read comments already left by other DisMarkers, as well as add your own, click the green text that says "1 comment," or "2 comments," etc.

You can also vote on other users' comments by clicking the up and down arrows next to each comment. This can be used to "vote up" particularly good comments or to "vote down" spam or off-topic comments. You shouldn't vote down another user just because you disagree with them, however.

Front Page Layout

Submitting A Story

If you have found a story that you want to submit to the DisMarks community, click on the "Submit DisMark" link.

Then, fill out the information about the story you want to DisMark. Be sure to fill out the description with useful information telling other DisMarkers why it might be interesting to them, and tag it appropriately so people can find it.

Happy DisMarking!